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After two years of running Mantel House DC almost exclusively on Instagram, founder and creator Molly Acorn was was more than ready for an e-commerce design that could showcase both her catalog of products and chic brand style - while also elevating the backend operations of her company.

Understanding the limitations of e-Commerce design, Molly was looking for simple customizations to make Shopify's Broadcast template fit their brand - the perfect fit for a Tailored Shopify Template.

Using the existing Mantel House DC brand visuals, we created a handful of custom page designs in addition to the e-commerce pages. An elegant and contemporary design was brought together with a modern base theme, classic fonts, and artistic sensibility. 

A clean & classic Tailored Shopify Template.

“My new website is                                                      
and I am very confident as a brand now - is there any better feeling!?”

- Narelle, Narelle Janine Events

The experience

speaking directly to my ideal client

With both more demands and constraints than non-commerce websites, the prospect of a DIY Shopify site is daunting - and rightfully so.

In our design process, I'll guide you through the design limitations of e-commerce, and show how we can maximize Shopify's design capabilities to create a distinctive design that reflects your brand.


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