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RK Florals is a luxury wedding florist inspired by Dutch Masters’ paintings, old-world romance, and a European pace of life.

When the owner, Robyn, found she couldn’t make her Squarespace website look the way she wanted, she felt it was out of step with the fine art floral services she offers to her clients. It was time to refresh her branding and create a website that was tailored to fit her business and clientele. 

While maintaining her existing monogram logo mark, we created a visual brand design full of old-world typography and a moody color palette. We also updated her logo mark with a fresh variety of formats and colorways, to see RK florals through any future projects - print or digital. 

In a world full of all-white websites, this one is instead like stumbling through the frame into one of Jan Davidsz de Heem’s still life paintings - deep colors, floral details, and simple styling besides.

A dark & moody bespoke design on Squarespace.

“My new website is                                                      
and I am very confident as a brand now - is there any better feeling!?”

- Narelle, Narelle Janine Events

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